Become a Board Member

Studies have shown that the skills profile of Swiss boards of directors is often unbalanced and that certain skills are either not available at all or are abundant. Many people - you, perhaps - have the required skills, but there is no contact between you and the company. It is our role to create the contact between you and those companies.

Using our service, you can connect to the company and complement its board.

Our Offering

You can create your individual profile in the database today. Your profile will be created with explicit consideration for your potential as a member of the Board of Directors and will be used exclusively for this purpose. Upon activation, you can be found and contacted directly by searching companies and institutions. Would you like some help? We offer you a profile check (flat fee CHF 200.-) or can help you to create a profile in the system (CHF 200.- / h).


After you have completed the short registration below, you will be sent a link to verify your email address. Then you can start completing your profile by detailing your industry experience, education, interests, etc. Having entered all relevant data, including your goals regarding a future board mandate, you can activate your account by paying the account fee. By paying to activate your account, you demonstrate your interest in being found in the VR database. Once paid, you can be found in our database of companies that have a Board of Directors mandate to award for the selected period of use. You cannot actively search for companies. However, the person responsible for companies or institutions in the placement or replacement of board members (board of directors committees, foundation board committees, etc.) can find your profile. If there is mutual interest, the company will contact you in order to initiate the next steps (personal interview, discussions, assessment, etc.).


To activate your profile, you pay a one-off fee of CHF 200.- at the beginning. You can then choose from various durations right from the start:

3 years: One-time fee CHF 200.- plus CHF 40.- per year = total CHF 320.-
5 years: One-time fee CHF 200.- plus CHF 32.- per year = total CHF 360.-
8 years: One-time fee CHF 200.- plus CHF 30.- per year = total CHF 440.-

You can easily pay by e-banking, credit card or PayPal. Only once the fee has been paid does your profile become visible for searching companies and your chances to gain a VR mandate will improve accordingly. Prices are without VAT.

Subscription process

Before your subscription expires, you will be notified by e-mail and given the opportunity to renew your subscription. If you do not wish to renew, your profile will be moved offline, and can no longer be found in the VR database. You can reactivate your account at any time.


At this point, you can start creating your profile: Register.