Further Education

Training course: Certified Member of the Board of Directors SAQ

International certification of the Swiss Association for Quality SAQ for members of Swiss boards of directors.

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Dates: Annually in April, June and October.
Organizer: AKAD in Zürich and Basel.
Lecturers: Various lecturers with relevant, practical experience. Language: German.
Target group: Board members and prospective board members (m/f). With this SAQ certified and internationally recognized course, you will gain the security and competence you need for qualified work on a board of directors. Thanks to our proven AKAD learning method (since 1956), you will acquire the basic knowledge within a very short time.
Max. Participants: Class size of approx. 12 people.
Fee:  Between CHF 992.- and 1'488.- monthly, duration of 4-6 month.
Discount: With the voucher "VRMandat.com" our customers get 10% discount.
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Digital Board Academy


Dates: 2 to 3 performances in Zurich City
Organizer: Digital Board Academy
Speakers: Maurice Nyffeler & Dominic Lüthi (German)
Target group: Member of the boards of SMEs
Max. Participants: approx. 6 persons
Participation fee: CHF 590.- (one evening; Module 1) or CHF 990.- (two evenings; Module 1+2)
Discount: Boardplacement.com / VRMandat.com - customers receive a CHF 100.- discount
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