Ensure a balanced skills profile in your client's VR committee

Studies have shown that the skill mix of the members of Swiss boards of directors is often not balanced and that different skills are either too common or scarce. Although many people would have the skills they are looking for, they lack contact with the companies they are looking for. With our service you can find cost-effective and effective people who will provide a balanced skills profile in your client's board of directors. Such people can bring a breath of fresh air and significantly strengthen the board of directors.


Have you been hired by your client to search for a board member? Then you can search for suitable profiles with us. In our VR database there are only persons who are immediately willing to accept a mandate on a board of directors or a foundation board.


To search in the candidate database, you must create a corporation profile. After you have completed the short registration below, you will be sent a link to verify your e-mail address. This will enable you to activate your corporation account. Your account is invisible to the searching candidates and only created for your personal search in the database. As soon as the subscription fee has been paid, you can search for suitable candidates in our database during the selected period of use; if a profile seems interesting to you, you have two options:
a) You contact the person directly and follow your recruitment process.
b) You forward the candidate profile to an HR specialist for an assessment or initial interview.


The cost of an annual subscription for the annual membership and can be paid by e-banking, credit card or PayPal. This allows you to search the database without restriction. Contacting profiles is free of charge.
Subscription price:
1 year: CHF 2'000
After a successful placement, these placement costs will be charged to you which are graded according to the size of the company:
CHF 1'000 for start-ups, non-profit organisations and foundations
CHF 2'000 for companies with up to 50 employees
CHF 3'000 for companies with 51 to 100 employees
CHF 4'000 for companies with 101 to 250 employees
CHF 5'000 for companies with 251 to 500 employees
CHF 7'000 for companies with more than 501 employees
For each additional person who finds your business through VRMandat.com, we grant you a 20% concession on the referral fee. Prices are without VAT.

Expiry of the subscription

Before your subscription expires, you will be notified by e-mail and given the opportunity to renew your subscription. If you do not wish to renew your subscription, the profile will be switched offline so that you no longer have access to the database. It can be reactivated at any time.


At this point, you can start creating your profile: Register.